Simpler Writing, Brighter Ideas

Why is it that even in the digital age, so many Students, Editors, Artists, Business People, Doctors and Lawyers would rather print out dozens of pages in order to write on them? It just feels right. It is how we learned to be productive in school, and it is how our minds enter a creative space that is free from distraction. The MobiScribe combines the simplicity and comfort of reading and writing in the real paper with the ease of access of digital notes.

Default Apps
An up-close-and-personal look at our Mobiscribe's finest features.
default apps
The Notes app supports different pen styles, eraser, tag, templates, backup.
The Integrated E-Reader App supports .mobi, .epub, .pdf
Keep your Calendar private off the cloud.
The system runs on Android 4.4.

Don't just take our words for it...
"Just wanted to say that I received mine today, and that writing on it feels fantastic. No lag. My handwriting translates well and it was quite easy to get a feel for how the pressure sensitivity works"
Casey Chapman
"I received mine today and am totally in love with it. The packaging is very well done, the device itself looks really sleek and the writing experience really blew my mind."
Anna Henseleit
"Although I bought it for myself my kids love it and it’s been in their hands more than mine. They’re actually being creative so worth every penny for that if nothing else."
Tom Johnstone
Electronic Paper Display (EPD).
Paper-like readability.
anti-glare screen
Anti-Glare Screen
Reduced light reflection for
stress free viewing
preset backgrounds
Preset Background
Can write letters, memos,
or even sketch graphs
low power consumption
Low Power Consumption
Rechargeable Li-polymer battery
gives you up to 1 weeks of use
adjustable frontlight
Adjustable Frontlight
Easily read in the dark or night
pressure-senstive stylus
Pressure-Sensitive Stylus
Pressure-Sensitive Stylus
compact size
Compact Size
Easily hold MobiScribe
in the palm of your hand
Built-in WiFi