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by traveler @ 2019-06-30 15:07:17

what steps do I take to get E-books to show up on my home screen? I have the kindle app installed and I would like to take advantage of the book icons displayed on the home screen.
Re: E-books
by admin @ 2019-07-01 19:42:41

Hi, traveler.

The Kindle App has the capability to download Books as well as view them.

In order to have the E-Books display on your home screen you would have to download the Book/.PDF file and save it somewhere that you can navigate to through the nFiles App.

The Kindle app's books will not show up on the home screen because it is a separate program; Books that show up on the home screen are saved directly to the MobiScribe.

What you can do is transfer the books that you download from the Kindle App and save them in a folder in the MobiScribe.
> This can be done through a computer by converting the Kindle File to a PDF
> Then transfer PDF to the Mobiscribe.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Support @ MobiScribe