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Google docs and other Q's
by Paul @ 2019-06-08 22:09:34

Any chance you could download to google doc? How about Also, how much can you write before it fills up? Can you flip through pages while writing?
Re: Google docs and other Q's
by admin @ 2019-06-18 16:51:19

Hi, Paul.

Currently MobiScribe does not work with Google services meaning that Google Docs would not work but we hope to change that soon!

You should be able to use but currently it is not optimized on the MobiScribe.

The MobiScribe has its own internal storage but you can add up to 32 Gb from an external Micro SD card that can contain many documents using the nNotes App.

Yes, you can flip through pages while writing using the MobiScribe.

Thank you!

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