Oh no! I forgot my pin and I can’t log in to my MobiScribe! (instructions on factory resetting your device).
by admin @ 2019-10-25 03:38:24

Note: Factory resetting the MobiScribe will erase all data saved while using the MobiScribe.

1. In the screen which display where you enter your pin, hold down the power button until the power settings are displayed (Shutdown, restart, etc).

2. Restart the device (press the restart option) and immediately hold down the backlight button.

>  The backlight button is to the left of the power button on the top of the MobiScribe

3. Keep holding down the backlight button until the recovery menu is displayed on the MobiScribe.

4. Press the backlight button to scroll to “Factory Reset” and select it by pressing the power button.

5. Once the MobiScribe has finished factory resetting, reboot the system (press the power button with the “Reboot System” selected)

by admin @ 2019-04-01 03:38:24

Hi William, the MobiScribe is 1/3 the price, more portable, runs on android that users can download apps from different Play Store. You can also use cloud services like dropbox to import/backup notes, features.