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Connect an external wired keyboard
by vu @ 2019-08-28 13:01:32

Dear Mobiscribe creator,
I am using mobiscribe since 2 weeks now. Very convenient. However I should confess that I am expecting the handwriwting recognition app (with various languages supports).
I tried to connect an external keyboard with a usb c OTG cable. Mobiscribe did not react when i plug the keyboard. I also tried the keyboard on a another device
and it works (I am typing o it to check it).

1- Do you have an idea to enable the input from an wired keyboard ?
2- I am made some google research on similar problem with android 4.4 but the main problem is that external keyboard input seems not enable under mobiscribe.
I am ready to send some time to overcome this problem.
Re: Connect an external wired keyboard
by vu @ 2019-08-28 15:00:49

I tested one additional solution : External Keyboard Helper Demo...
It is not working at least for a French keyboard. Does anybody try it ?

Re: Connect an external wired keyboard
by admin @ 2019-08-30 15:44:50

Hi Vu,

Unfortunately, there is currently no solution to connect a keyboard to the Mobiscribe. However, we will keep your suggestion in mind as we do have other users trying to connect a keyboard.

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